Microbial biomass test for soil


Soliomics operates in the field of enzymology and DNA, using original methods with high throughput.

What we do

Our laboratory carries out innovative urban and farmland testing services, such as enzyme testing and the measurement of microbial biomass, to provide customised information required to safeguard the fertility of agricultural soil.

We can determine over 28 types of enzyme and DNA activity simultaneously in environmental matrices (soil), biological matrices (cultures of microorganisms, vegetable tissue) and the food industry (dairy, wine) using a highly sensitive, low-cost method with throughput that is ten times higher than those of our competitors, and using minimal quantities of samples. These tests are applicable in research and the environmental, agricultural and archaeological sectors.

Microbial biomass



This test is based on the content of double strand DNA (dsDNA) in urban and farmland soil. It is highly sensitive and has been validated by scientific publications. Up until now it has been used to analyse over 30,000 samples, many of them from various parts of the world, and is a method that is much cheaper than many others available.



Our test was devised after the discovery that enzymes can be extracted from soil via heteromolecular desorption. This enables the activity of soil to be assessed in a tangible, quick and cost-effective manner

Other analysis options

Soil mapping

Customised analyses

Who benefits from our services


Industry professionals

To check the reaction of biostimulants on microbial biomass

To assess the impact of new fertilisers or for support during experimentation

Providing analytical support for soil mapping and testing

For the assessment of contaminated sites or areas subject to soil degradation

We supply test for different king of soil

About us

We are a laboratory that tests farmland soil, formed as an innovative startup with a group of specialist scientists. The business was created as a spin-off supported by CREA, the Italian agricultural research organisation.

SOLIOMICS was established on the back of experience acquired by Dr. Flavio Fornasier over thirty years in the field of soil science, in particular the measurement of enzyme activity. Expertise has developed, and continues to be developed, personally and through national and international collaborations on four continents, and has enabled progression from initial intuition to the development of a preparation and validation method for use on a wide range of samples, which may even come from extreme environments such as deserts, salt mines and polar regions.

We have unique technology that allows us to carry out testing to analyse and manage the organic and biological fertility of urban and farmland soil, involving customers directly in the soil sampling phase.

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