Customised soil fertility tests

We can meet any specific soil fertility test request

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Customised soil fertility tests are a crucial tool for assessing the health of your soil. Tests that specifically aim to determine biological and organic parameters that make it possible to maintain and improve soil condition, and enable the optimal management of fertilisation following detailed analysis, increasing environmental and economic sustainability.

Our facility is set up to carry out customised farmland soil tests to meet customer requirements, even on large numbers of samples.


Corg analysis -Corg TREND

This tests the stability of the organic C content (organic matter), or whether or not it is increasing/decreasing. It is very sensitive compared with simple chemical analysis as it uses the microorganisms that live in the soil as sensors.

The method is based on the combined use of microbial biomass values and the RothC model (Rothamsted, UK), using analytical soil data: Organic C and clay content.

C Requirement Calculation

Gives an estimate of the amount of organic input required to maintain the organic matter at its current level.


Spectrophotometric pH measurements

This test is based on spectrophotometric measurements using microplates, after adding a suitable pH indicator to the solution extracted from the soil.
This procedure is low-cost and high-throughput, and the method has been validated scientifically. The article published is available on request.

Organic matter with thermogravimetric analysis

This method is based on a soil sample brought to a temperature of 550°C and decreasing in weight. It also evaluates carbonate content in the same sample. It is ideal for monitoring and mapping soil.

Available phosphorus

The extraction and measurement of orthophosphate was devised to be extremely fast and sensitive. Measurement is taken using the malachite green method using a microplate.