Test procedure and prices

Mappatura Biochimica Nell'agricoltura

Our method lets us analyse urban and farmland soil at low cost, using samples taken from all over Italy.
We provide customers with the tools and training required to take a soil sample correctly by themselves, and send it to our laboratory.
Once testing has been completed we send customers the results, information on soil conditions, and instructions on how to improve soil fertility.

Test set up procedure

What to do

The test procedure is straightforward and involves the customer directly in taking and sending samples. The steps for taking a sample and carrying out tests are outlined below.

Customers wishing to carry out a test must request it by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page, and then complete and send the details on the form. You will be asked if the test requested is:

  • Multi-enzyme test
  • Microbial biomass tests

The customer will then be contacted and the process, number of samples and price will be communicated

Recommended samples vary depending on the type of crop and size of the land, and will be communicated once contact has been made. Examples include:

  • Cereals: 3 samples per plot recommended
  • Vineyards and orchards: 3 samples per ha recommended
  • Vegetables: 5 samples per ha recommended

The customer sends the land coordinates, using GPS on a smartphone for example, by e-mail to info@soliomics.com

We will provide the positions for taking soil samples on the basis of the information received from the customer.

We will define the position and number of samples recommended for the test on the basis of the spatial analysis.

We will send the containers and instructions on taking and sending the samples to the address stated on the form

The test tubes sent will be accompanied by instructions on taking a soil sample

The customer will take a sample as instructed

After taking the soil samples they must be sent as per the instructions to:

  • Soliomics srl c/o CREA VE
  • Via Trieste 23
  • 34170 Gorizia – Italy

On receiving the samples we will test them and provide the results within 15 days.

Once testing is completed the customer will receive a test report and an assessment of the soil condition via e-mail.

Statistical analysis of the results obtained from the samples tested

  • In addition to the soil condition test we will provide advice to address any issues.

Prices per individual sample start from 70 euro